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OceanSoulVibes – OceanSoulSparkles 
Who are we you ask? 
OceanSoulSparkles is a vegan festival makeup business which offers customers a unique experience for festivals, gigs, special events, parties, launches, weddings.. You name it, we’ve done it. Specializing in Bio-Glitter, re-useable gems, face & body-painting, braids & avant-garde makeup,  we are completely dolphin friendly & use no plastic glitters. Run in & around Victoria, NSW & South Australia currently. 5 years ago a seed was sown, which would slowly grow into an incredible sparkly Baobab, ecoFaries of OceanSoulSparkles floated down from its leave high high up in the sky after discovering the beauty that is biodegradable glitter as their fairy dust covered the land below.  
Our glitter is made & purchased in Australia, is completely biodegradable, is made from eucalyptus trees, it takes only 6 weeks to compost in soil & even quicker in water, its none toxic, VEGAN!! & causes 0 harm to the environment & animals, the importance of environmental awareness is paramount to us at OceanSoulSparkles, we show this by donating small amounts from profits to SeaShephard, (We also if accepted by the festival managers have a small can at the front of the stall for donating into) a charity that lies very close to the owner – Jess’s heart, we always make sure that we practice sustainability in every aspect of our business, ensuring that we are friends with the dolphins just as much as we are friends with the customers.  
Us, Them & The Stall 
Our Fairies are always dressed in the best gear & showing off our work to passers by, smiling & chatting with customers & most importantly having fun! We like to work with a couple of different stalls around the site we are on, sometimes wearing their outfits & pointing the compliments In the right direction & its good to create a nice vibe in our stall area, competition is best left to the big highstreets retailers. 
Our stall set up is bright & colourful, the inside is pink, purple & green, one table that holds gems & glitter for show and another from which we work, out chairs are coloured pink & purple to match the decor & our tables lined with shiny colourful sheets which complement the style. the entrance to the stall is draped in raining fairy lights & we are in the process of creating our new archway which is a huge wooden mermaid banner arch decorated with gems & sparkles which covers the sides & top of the entrance to help frame the stall. The stall decor is perfect for attracting customers, its bright & inviting & its always bustling inside! 
Here’s a list of just few of the companies we have worked with over the years: 
Nikki Beach, Ibiza       Elrow, Ibiza       Zoo Party, Ibiza       Nikki Beach, Mallorca       Melia Hotel, Mallorca      Mallorca Live Festival, Mallorca     Stage, Mallorca       Mallorca Rocks, Mallorca       Zoo Party, Mallorca       Boomtown Festival, England      Manchester PRIDE, England      Esoteric Festival, Victoria      The Town Festival, Victoria     SnowTunes Festival, NSW, The Petting Zoo, Vic, The Pleasure Gardens, Vic, Rainbow Serpent,  Vic, & more 

At every festival/event/gig/or what ever it is were glittering we like to make sure we take care of our own, I invite staff down to the stall before they start their shift to come and get a little bit of sparkle.  

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  • Makeup Artist


    st April 2015 - st October 2017

    Makeup Artist, Glitter Fairy, Henna Boss, FacePainter, BodyArtist

  • Makeup Artist


    st January 2018 - Now

    Makeup Artist, Glitter Fairy, Henna Boss, FacePainter, BodyArtist

    Girl Boss